Residental Living

Residental Services

Beta Homes
Beta Homes are residential programs serving adults with intellectual disabilities and/or mental illness. There are two 10-person group homes with 24/7 staff supervision. Training by staff promotes personal growth and development for residents who require consistent structure and supervision. Residents generally work at Sunshine Industries or participate in the Retirement Program. The supervised and structured living environment allows individuals the opportunity to live successfully in the community.

Independent Living Program (ILP)
The Independent Living Program serves residents living in the community at different locations in the north Knoxville area. Some own their own homes, some live in an agency-owned apartment building, and the rest live alone or with a roommate in an apartment.

The ILP provides support services to adults with intellectual disabilities who live in the community. It offers training in independent living skills such as cooking, cleaning, and money management. Services are individualized to the needs of each person. This program is designed for individuals for whom shadow supervision is sufficient to live successfully on their own.

The goal of the ILP is to help the residents live successfully in the community by teaching them skills in all of the various areas that are needed to accomplish this. Residents of the ILP receive training and support in the areas of bill payment, budgeting, and banking. Staff members educate residents in preparing grocery lists based on diet and budget and depositing and cashing paychecks, as well as providing a safeguard that all bills are paid on time.

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